Our recommendations for Pálinka-tasting

During the tasting you can choose from our Pálinkas (listed below) as your wish. Include 3 pieces of „Pogácsa” (Hungarian savory scones with cheese on the top) and 1*0,25 liter of soda-water too.


Price of tasting for 1 person:

4 sorts of drinks: 3800 HUF (EUR 13,50)

5 sorts of drinks: 4500 HUF (EUR 16,00)

6 sorts of drinks: 5100 HUF (EUR 18,50)


Our Pálinka-selection:


Savanya Irsai Olivér Grape “Pálinka”

Savanya “Golden Ribbon” Aged Apple “Pálinka”

Savanya “Golden Ribbon” Blackthorn “Pálinka”

Savanya “Golden Ribbon” Quince “Pálinka”

Savanya "Golden Ribbon" Kiffer Pear Palinka

Savanya "Golden Ribbon" Peach Palinka

Savanya Apricot “Pálinka” on the fruit

Savanya Sour Cherry “Pálinka” on the fruit 

Savanya Plum “Pálinka” on the fruit